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Dec 13, Peeling willow bark can be caused by insects. If your willow tree bark is falling off, it could be a sign of borer insects. Both poplar and willow borers can tunnel through the inner layer of the willow bark. This causes peeling bark on willows. Your best bet if your willow tree has borers is to clip out all diseased branches. Then you can spray the willow tree with permethrin to kill bushfalling.pwted Reading Time: 2 mins.

Dec 18, D. M, Ormond Beach A: Sounds like your tree may have gummosis, which is a bark disease. All you can do is clean off any loose bark, apply a Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Willow scab, which causes olive green spore masses along the underside of leaves; Black canker, causing dark brown spots on the tree’s leaves.

These are not your tree’s problem if your willow tree bark is falling off. Reasons for Peeling Bark on Willows. Peeling willow bark can be caused by bushfalling.pwg: Ormond Beach. Jul 21, Willow Tree Disease and Bark Peeling Off Willow trees are subject to a number of diseases and insect pests, although these pests usually affect the Missing: Ormond Beach.

Missing Bark: Old bark falls off as trees age and is replaced with new, healthy bark. With dead branches, the bark will not be replaced. If your branches are missing bark, get in touch with us. Lack of Flexibility: Try and bend a branch if you can reach it. Healthy branches are flexible. Dead branches are stiff and break easily.

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