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} This, of course, in relation to their size. A small, walk-behind gasoline trencher will rip up roots up to about 2 inches in diameter, the bigger “Ditch Witch” trenchers with diesel engines can handle much larger roots (and it will actually “chew” through roots that won’t rip out much more chewing than cutting). Safely Trenching Close to Trees Lippi Consulting Arborists. Here is an example of the trencher cutting through a tree trunk!

This shows how the trencher can cut through tree roots while it's trenching through the dirt. Disclaimer - The ky is not intended for cutting trees, please do not try this at home. Our normal chain uses a combo of rock and dirt teeth, the chain in this video has only our rock teeth on it. Also, we know that a chainsaw would have worked. It’s not a good idea to cut the roots of already damaged trees. Also, roots that are more than two inches wide or close to the trunk should not be pruned, cut or dug through because they help anchor the tree.

Tree age and species will also affect how the plant reacts. Before attempting to cut tree roots, talk to your arborist about what may or may not be safe for your tree. Your arborist can prune the roots for you, or you can follow our step-by-step guidelines for DIY root cutting. But the pipe ran within 8 feet of a inch dbh live oak tree. Cutting the tree roots is common practice in many parts of Florida but not in the City of Palm Coast.

Determine the size of the root you are going to cut through.

Precautions were taken to locate the major roots and then excavate under the roots to first remove the corroded drain pipe and then insert a replacement pipe into the trench. How to Dig Through Tree Roots. Even in the open areas of a landscaped yard, digging often exposes tree roots. Feeder roots extend far past the periphery of a tree's canopy, robbing other areas of. Of course cutting all the tree roots will in fact kill the tree. A general rule for cutting tree roots is don’t cut more than 25% of the root system.

Measure the trunk diameter at about 4 feet from the ground. Take that measurement and multiply it by 6. Mark off that distance from the trunk and that is about where 25% of the roots can be cut. See image below. For example if you have a 12″ diameter trunk 4 feet.

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