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}"This big, blue moose is all heart and all thumbs! He'll be sure to keep you in stitches!""Collect them All" card info[src]"For a lazy lunch, try left-over loaf!" The description alliteration in the intros in late season 3-season 4.

Lumpy is one of the main characters of Happy Tree Friends, and one of the four primary characters of the show, along with Cuddles, Giggles, and Toothy. 1. In Over Your Hedge: Flippy uses a rope to stop Lumpy, cutting off his legs.

The rope is then tied around Lumpy's head, twisting it until it spins off his neck. Lumpy would simply trip over the rope, and his neck would break from being twisted. Blood Donor: Dies from blood loss mere seconds after transferring his blood to Giggles.

Lumpy cuts the tree down and it falls over, splitting the tree Giggles and Sniffles were chained to in half. Giggles manages to escape, but before she can unchain Sniffles, he is decapitated and split in half. Lumpy is one of the eight characters in Happy Tree Friends to be a cop, alongside Cuddles, Toothy, Sniffles, Handy, The Mole, Disco Bear, and Russell.

Lumpy also is one tree root removal companies, Port Saint Lucie FL the six characters in Happy Tree Friends to be disabled, alongside The Mole, Handy, Russell, Petunia, and Mime.

Lumpy is also one of the five Happy Tree Friends characters to be an herbivorous animal, alongside Cuddles. Toothy, Flaky, Russell, Cro-Marmot and Generic Tree Friends - Fall off bridge. All except for Toothy debatable. Cub - Crushed by Nutty's concrete stomach; Sea What I Found. Cub - Burned through eyes; Disco Bear - Impaled through back with submarine's periscope; Lumpy - Arms/legs/antler cut off by air tube, drowned in ocean; Russell - Break through skin.

Lumpy is one of the main protagonists from the cartoon series Happy Tree Friends. 1 Personality 2 Villainous Acts 3 Trivia 4 Navigation Lumpy is usually portrayed as a hero and an imbecile, yet quite friendly, but there are a few episodes where he happy tree friends lumpy cuts off leg a villainous role.

While he normally kills. Lumpy jammed a leaf blower in Flippy's head, causing his brain to swell up. When zombie- Toothy bit the brain, the brain exploded,"killing" all the zombies (except The Mole) and burying them again.

After the zombies were all dead and Lumpy thought it was all over, his severed, zombified hand attacked him. Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over other languages.

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