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Mar 15, It’s normal for a fiddle leaf fig to lose a couple of leaves at the bottom but excessive leaf dropping is not normal. If your fig tree is losing leaves, evaluate all the possible causes. First, bear in mind that this tree doesn’t like change. After buying your Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins.

There are several different types of fungi out there that can attack our houseplants and none of them are good news: you need to isolate the plant, remove all afflicted leaves and start a fungicide regimen as soon as you can.

May 23, Leaf Drop From Dry Conditions – under watering. The 2nd major cause of leaf decrease in a fiddle leaf fig is from dryness.

Lack of watering as well as extremely dry air can cause a fiddle leaf fig to drop leaves. Take care not to put your plant in direct sun or near a home heating air vent, where it is blasted with completely dry air routinely.

Fiddle leaf figs do not such as drafts, so selecting a spot Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins. Care for Fiddle Leaf Figs in Winter. For fiddle leaf figs in winter, your job is to compensate for conventional seasonal climate control measures like dry forced furnace air and fires in the fireplace.

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Simply run a warm mist humidifier within 5 feet of (but not directly onto) your fiddle leaf fig to replace the airborne moisture your heater saps. Starts working in 24 hours with beneficial phosphite to stop leaf drop, yellowing, and brown spots. Gentle and safe for all your indoor potted plants to include fiddle leaf fig tree, philodendron, anthurium, peace lily, pothos and money plant. Each treatment protects a plant. When to prune a fig tree in Florida.

The fig is a deciduous tree. This means that it loses its leaves every year. This is normally during the winter time and this is also the best to prune your fig tree. Figs don’t like heavy pruning. If you start going crazy and chop all of the branches back you will hurt the number of figs that you are going to get.

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