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It is clad in dense masses of glossy, evergreen leaves, which change color from red.

Water it weekly to a depth of 1 inch during the summer, especially in warmer climates or during times of extreme drought.

Jan 24, Most clip this plant into a shrub, but with initial training and some pruning a neat small multi-trunked tree can be produced. Cleyera is tolerant of full sun but grows best in partial shade in rich, moisture-retentive but well-drained, acid soil.

Foliage may burn in full sun in winter. The leaves will turn yellow if the soil is bushfalling.pwg: Inverness FL. Pruning is not usually necessary on slow-growing cleyera, but new growth may be pinched to encourage compactness, particularly in the shade. The clean, neat, upright growth of cleyera makes it a good choice as an accent plant as well as a screen or hedge.

Water it weekly to a depth of 1 inch during the summer, especially in warmer climates or during times of extreme drought.

Plant on three- to five-foot centers to form a Missing: Inverness FL. Any heavy pruning or removal of large branches on an older Cleyera should be done while the plant is dormant, preferably in late winter. Otherwise, light pruning to shape the plant can be performed almost any time of year. The only time I wouldn't prune Cleyera is during the two months prior to the usual first frost date in your bushfalling.pwg: Inverness FL. May 23, Growing Cleyera Shrubs Cleyera shrubs grow between 8 and 10 feet ( – 3 m.) tall with a spread of about 6 feet (2 m.) and have a dense, rounded growth habit that makes them ideal for use as hedges or screens.

Cleyera plant care is easy because these undemanding plants seldom need bushfalling.pwted Reading Time: 2 mins. Sep 21, Cleyera shrubs used for a hedge or screen should be planted 3 to 6 feet apart on a staggered line to maximize their foliage coverage while allowing them plenty of room to spread their roots. Those pruned into a tree form should be planted well away from driveways and streets because their low-growing canopies may catch on or block taller bushfalling.pwg: Inverness FL.

Q: I have lived in this house for two years. When we moved in, the cleyera was thick and growing like crazy. Not anymore. I'm thinking my frequent trimming (cutting the shoots off the top to avoid blocking the windows) might have harmed the plants. They receive zero direct sun and no supplemental water or Missing: Inverness FL. Cleyera Shrubs. There is considerable confusion in the nursery trade between two evergreen shrubs marketed as Cleyera. Although Ternstroemia gymnanthera and a similar plant called Cleyera japonica Missing: Inverness FL.

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